The Big Question: Why?

Some people may be wondering why we’re doing this challenge. Well, for the record, here is our story (and we’re sticking to it):

Pete: I have a very competitive nature, so the fact that so many people think I can’t do it makes me more determined to succeed. I would also like to improve my reading skills and make sure I’ve read at least 50 books before I turn 50.

Brigette: We already watch one film a week as a family as well as at least one film a week as a couple, so that part shouldn’t really be a challenge at all. The truth is that I love to read but often find myself feeling guilty about it as if it were an overly indulgent act. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by people who don’t love the written word as much as I do. Knowing Pete’s competitive nature combined with the fact that I’m the mom, this challenge is my way of manipulating the entire family into reading more simply so that I can have a good reason to read more myself. Underhanded, I know, but I’m convinced only good can come of it.

Morgan: I want to reach a higher reading level and write better.

Gable: Mom told me to and then I thought it would be really fun to be part of a blog.

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