Let’s Talk Strategy

The fiftyfifty.me challenge is no easy feat. Here are our strategies for successful completion.

Pete: My strategy for achieving 50 books in a year is to go hard early. I’m reading large books (500+ pages) early in the year to instill me with confidence that I will be able to read the smaller ones quicker when the heat might be on later in the year. As for films, two films a week would be a quiet week for me, so I plan on watching 50 by the end of June.

Brigette: Organization and discipline. One book every 7 days sourced solely from our current home library or our local public library.  I’m sticking with our current routine of at least 2 films a week with our main source being a DVD mail delivery service.

Morgan: My strategy is to read the easier, shorter books at the beginning and the harder ones later because I’ll be more advanced in my reading as I read more books as the year goes on.

Gable: I don’t really have a strategy. I guess I’ll just take it as it comes.

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