Pete Reviews True Brews

True Brews by Emma Christensen


Describe it in 25 words or less. An extremely handy book about brewing all sorts of fermented drinks at home.

Any particular reason for choosing this book? It was a much appreciated Christmas gift and I’m interested in anything to do with beer. This book was great because it gives recipes for really small batches for people who have limited space like myself.

Genre: Brewing

What was your favorite part of the book and why? The recipe for Mocha Stout because this is the one I want to taste the most.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while? This book had me interested from the introduction (refer to quote below).

Did you learn anything? I learned heaps about brewing a variety of fermented beverages, as well as about ingredients.

Favorite quote: “Let’s set a few thing straight: anyone can homebrew in any size apartment with a stockpot, a bucket, and a jug. I promise you this is true. You don’t need fancy equipment. You won’t stink up the apartment or be forced to hind homebrew in the bathtub. And as long as you use common sense, you don’t need to worry about exploding bottles. You want to homebrew? Let’s do it.”

What would you change? I’d have everything in metric and not imperial measurements.

Would you read it again? Next time I’m home-brewing I’ll be using this book.

Who would you recommend it to? Anyone who is interested in homebrewing cider, beer, fruit wine, sake, soda, mead, kefir, or kombucha.

Number of unknown words: 1

What would you like to homebrew?

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