Pete and Brigette Review On The Road

On The Road


Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: A film about the beat generation with drugs, sex, friendship with horrendous camera work thrown in.

Brigette: Writers on the road getting up to no good but it makes a damn good story.

Any particular reason for choosing this film?

Brigette: I’ve had the book by Jack Kerouac on my to-read list for a while now and I always watch the film first if possible. This way I’m very rarely disappointed, but after seeing this film, I’m not sure I want to read the book any more.


Pete: Drama

Brigette: Book Adaptation/Adventure

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete: Sal Paradise only because everyone else was so annoying.

Brigette: Ma Paradise because she loved her son unconditionally.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Dean Moriarty because he made me so angry and I got sick of him very early on (as soon as he opened the door in the nude for his introductory scene).

Brigette: Camille because I can’t respect someone who so obviously has no respect for themselves.

How was the casting?

Pete: This was the only thing in the film that didn’t disturb me.

Brigette: The casting was excellent. Who knew some of these actors could play such despicable characters so convincingly.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: The opening scene almost made me sick. We debated throughout the entire film weather or not we should continue. I always find it tough to stop watching anything after about the first few minutes. I was happy when it was finally all over.

Brigette: It was more like it slapped me in the face.

Favorite quote:

Pete: “Thank you for accepting my invitation for drinks after our perilous journey.” – Tall Thin Salesman to Sal & Dean

Brigette: “What I see in him is compulsive psychosis batched with a jigger of psychotic irresponsibility and violence.” – Old Bull Lee talking to Sal about Dean

What would you change?

Pete: I’d definitely make it shorter by about 123 minutes and then cut out the first 45 seconds or so.

Brigette: I don’t think there needed to be so much shock value in it but I suppose they were trying to get across to a modern audience how shocking the Beat Generation seemed back then.

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: It was the only nice thing about the film. You can listen for yourself, we’ve added it to Spotify.

Would you watch it again?

Brigette: I already feel like I wished I could unsee some things in it, so NO.

How was the ending?

Pete: I was just glad it was all over.

Brigette: Anticlimactic.

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: Don’t be a loser.

Brigette: If you live a life full of drugs, alcohol, sex and travel you too can be a great writer.

Did you learn anything?

Brigette: In the 1940s, you paid your traffic violations on the spot with cash.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete: Enemies.

Brigette: Pseudo-intellectuals and hipsters.

Won’t Eat Their Cereal opportunity:
Sam Riley Won’t Eat His Cereal
Kirsten Dunst Won’t Eat Her Cereal

Beer pairing: (Pete’s specialty)

Mort Subite (Unfiltered) Gueuze

What epic road trip have you been on that would make a great story?

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2 thoughts on “Pete and Brigette Review On The Road

  1. Such a good movie. Not to mention it’s Mr. Kerouac, legendary.

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