The Family Reviews A Princess For Christmas

A Princess For Christmas


Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: A story about a young woman who is taking care of her orphaned nephew and niece.

Brigette: An estranged family finds solace in each other after a devastating loss.

Morgan: A young woman and her niece and nephew go to a palace for Christmas.

Gable: A young woman who has lost her only sister takes her niece and nephew to Castlebury Hall, where they all have a wonderful time.


Pete & Brigette: Family/Drama

Morgan: Family/Comedy

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete: Paisley Winterbottom because of his subtle wit.

Brigette: Floyd and Abigail because they were genuinely receptive to everyone.

Morgan: Maddie, because she was the most loveable character in this film.

Gable: Maddie because she was funny and cute.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Lady Arabella Marchand du Belmont because she was arrogant.

Brigette: Edward because he had a difficult time being a decent human being.

Morgan: I would have to say Milo, because he was rude and quite obnoxious.

Gable: Milo because it sounded like he had sucked in helium (which was really annoying) and he was mean and acted like he knew what was best the whole time.

How was the casting?

Pete: Alright; it was great to see Roger Moore on film again.

Brigette: I was shocked to see Roger Moore doing a made-for-TV film.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: It wasn’t a big attention grabber of a film, it was, however, more entertaining than I thought it was going to be.

Brigette: It started out so obviously B-grade and I thought I would just have to suffer through it and then it stole my heart.

Morgan: Grabbed me immediately!

Gable: I got into it immediately. The story and the visual were equally unique and stunning.

Favorite quote:

Pete: “…you’re the one who is all fur and no knickers” – Edward to The Duchess Of Belmont (Arabella’s Mother)

Brigette: “You absconded with my heart.” – Ashton

Morgan & Gable: “He’s not a weirdo, he’s just old.” – Maddie

What would you change?

Morgan: I would change Jules’ ever-so-perfect teeth. They were annoying.

Gable: I would not put in the funky dubstep dance scene. That had nothing to do with the story at all.

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: Christmasy. I’ve put most of it on Spotify and Rdio. You can catch Fun, Fun, Fun Christmastime by Michael Damian (Young and Restless fans) on Youtube here. If you’re a Royalush fan, you can catch Regular Joe on Youtube here. And if you like watching actors humiliate themselves, please enjoy the clip when they dance to Jiggle Some Mo’ here.

How was the ending?

Pete: A fairytale ending.

Brigette: Very happily ever after.

Morgan: Brilliant.

Gable: Everything I want from an ending: bittersweetness, happiness, and one thing I can’t say or I’ll give it away.

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: A person’s status or title has nothing at all to do with their character.

Brigette: Never give up on the people you love.

Morgan: Sometimes there are happy endings.

Gable: If everything is going downhill, there will be something good soon but not right away.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete: Anyone who likes a good fairytale.

Brigette: Little girls with big dreams.

Morgan: People who like made-for-TV movies.

Gable: People who want to visit castles, people who love unique plot lines in their movies, and people who love visually beautiful and also funny movies.

Recipe: Christmas Sugar Cookies

Won’t Eat Their Cereal Moment: Roger Moore Won’t Eat His Cereal

Color Palette: (Morgan’s specialty)

princess for christmas cp

Beer pairing: (Pete’s specialty) Moon Dog Brewery’s Dasher’s Envy

Favorite Architectural Detail: (Pete’s other specialty)
Castlebury Hall

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.13.16 pm

Tell us about a time when you experienced a “happy ending”.

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One thought on “The Family Reviews A Princess For Christmas

  1. Anne Pollick says:

    I love the movie. Every girls dream to be whisked away by a handsome prince.

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