Pete Reviews The Insider’s Guide To Creating Comics And Graphic Novels

The Insider’s Guide To Creating Comics and Graphic Novels by Andy Schmidt

insiders guide comics

Describe it in 25 words or less. A great insider’s guide to the world of comic books and graphic novels.

Any particular reason for choosing this book? I’ve been reading the Locke & Key series and spotted this on the featured books display at the local library.

Genre: Instructional

Favourite Chapter: 6: Time In Comics because I’d never thought about it before and found fascinating.

Did you learn anything? A lot more than I thought I would, mostly about how the comic is put together and how much of a team effort it takes to do so.

Favorite quote: “…the concept of teaching is almost a ridiculous concept. The concept of learning is the important concept. You can’t teach people who don’t want to learn. But you can easily teach people who want to learn just by making the information available.” – Neal Adams on Teaching and Learning

Would you like to see it adapted into a film? It would make a great documentary, especially if you could get all the “insider voices” to participate.

Who would you recommend it to? Anyone interested in how comic books or graphic novel are created.

Number of unknown words: 0

Favorite Architectural Detail:
Tower Of London
insiders guide to creating comics architectural detail

Beer pairing: This depends on your favorite comic book character

Craft/Activity: How to draw cartoon people

Do you find it better to work alone or with a team?

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