The Family Reviews The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap

parent trap

Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: A family is rediscovered by a series of fateful events and the resourcefulness of the twin daughters.

Brigette: Two sisters attempt to get their parents back together.

Morgan: A pair of identical twins try and put their divorced parents back together.

Gable: Twin girls, after meeting in summer camp, plan to make their divorced parents get back together again.


Pete & Brigette: Family/Disney/Comedy

Morgan: Comedy/Classic/Family

What did you think of the poster and/or credit art?

Gable: Cute and creative. I’m a huge fan of classical opening credits.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete & Brigette: Reverend Dr. Mosby because he was hilarious.

Morgan: Reverend Dr. Mosby because he was entertaining.

Gable: I have a few but I can’t decide.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Vicki Robinson because she was just a gold digger.

Brigette: Vicky because she was mean and greedy.

Morgan: Vicky because she was a ginormous jerk.

Gable: Vicky because she was a jerk.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: Immediate attention grabber and it was entertaining throughout the entire 129 minutes.

Brigette: I’ve always liked this film; it was like visiting an old friend.

Morgan: It took me a little while to get into it, but not long. I thought that the concept was very interesting.

Gable: It was one of those films that got straight into it which I like in a film.

Favorite quote:

Pete: “I haven’t burbled in years!” – Charles McKendrick

Brigette: “History is just jammed with lovers parted by some silly thing.” – Sharon

Morgan: “You know, it’s scary the way nobody stays together anymore these days. Pretty soon, there’s going to be more divorces than marriages.” – Susan

Gable: “I miss a lot of things but I guess what I really miss is you.” – Mitch

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: Very much a time capsule of Disney movies of the time. Preview the whole album on iTunes here.

Gable: Cute and happy, a lot like the credits and the film itself.

How does the film compare to the book?

Pete: I’ll have to read the book to find out (Based on “Das Doppeite Lottchen” [The Double Lottie] by Enrich Kästner 1949).

How was the ending?

Pete: Uplifting.

Brigette: I thought it was rather clever the way they showed you how everything turned out.

Morgan: Sweet.

Gable: A happy ending.

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: Don’t give up on someone too easily.

Brigette: Never give up on love.

Morgan: Even if two people are separated, they can still love each other.

Gable: Just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean you can’t still love each other.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete: Fans of Classic Disney films or romantic comedies.

Brigette: People who may have given up on love a little prematurely.

Morgan: Children who’s parents have divorced or twins.

Gable: Divorcees who are about to remarry and children of divorce.

Won’t Eat Their Cereal Opportunity: Hayley Mills Won’t Eat Her Cereal


Parent Trap artwork

Beer pairing: (Pete’s specialty) Eviltwin Brewing’s: Without You I’m Nothing Sour Ale

Favorite Architectural Detail: (Pete’s other specialty)
Mitch Evers’ House

Parent Trap archi detail-1

Parent Trap archi detail-2

Parent Trap archi detail-3

What was your best summer camp experience?

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