Morgan and Gable Review Love That Dog

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

love that dog

Describe it in 25 words or less.

Morgan: A boy who likes to write his thoughts in poem form.

Gable: The diary of a young boy and his thoughts in poetry class.

Any particular reason for choosing this book?

Gable: Morgan had read it and it sounded interesting so I decided to read it, too.


Morgan: Poem/Autobiographical/Children’s Literature

What did you think of the cover art?

Morgan: I think it really suited the simplicity of the book.

Gable: I like minimalist covers so I enjoyed this cover.

What was your favorite part/character and why?

Morgan: I liked the part when he was talking about his dog and how he rescued it from the Animal Protection Shelter. I thought it was cute. I also liked the shape poem he did of his dog.

Gable: Jack because I could relate to most of the things he said, although he seemed to be a lot much younger than me.

What was your least favorite part/character and why?

Morgan: I didn’t like the parts where he was directing things at his teacher and not me because it usually didn’t make any sense at first.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Morgan: I thought the topic was unique but some parts were a little dull.

Gable: It never really had an intense part but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have an interestingly unique plot.

Was it plot or character driven?

Morgan: Definitely more character driven.

Gable: Definitely character driver because it was all from the mind of Miss Stretchberry’s student, Jack.

Did you learn anything?

Gable: I learned that about a few more poems (which are in the very back of the book) that I never thought existed. I thought putting the ones mentioned in the book in the actual book was a great idea.

What did you think of the ending?

Morgan: Sweet.

What was the moral of the story?

Morgan: Do things your own way to be creative.

Favorite quote:

“…our teacher says
writers are very very very very
trying to write their words
and the phone is ringing
and the fax is going
and the bills need paying
and sometimes they get sick
or their family gets sick
or the electricity goes off
or the car needs fixing
or they have to go
to the grocery store
or do the laundry
or clean up messes.
I don’t know how
you find the time
to write your words
if you have to do all that stuff
and maybe you should get
a helper.” –Jack to Walter Dean Myers

“Now no one
will think
I just copied
because I
couldn’t think
of my own words.
They will know
I was
inspired by
Mr. Walter Dean Myers.” – Jack

Who would you recommend it to?

Morgan: Those who like poems, had a dog they loved or those who enjoy very simplistic reads.

Gable: People who want a different kind of book with unique features and a creative plot and poets who are hesitant to continue their job.

Number of unknown words:

Morgan: 0

Gable: 0

Recipe: Brownies

Craft/Activity: Write a concrete (aka shape) poem.

What has been your favorite pet?

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