Gable Reviews The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders


Write 6 words you would put on this book if it were in the “Blind Date With A Book” shelf. Chocolate, Magic, Cats, London, Immortality, Ghosts.

Genre: Children’s Fantasy/Comedy/Drama

Who was your favorite character and why? Lily because I could relate to her the most.

Who was your least favorite character and why? I didn’t actually have a least favorite character. Even the evil characters were, in some way, comedic or helpful.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while? At first, I thought is was going to be super lame but it turned out to be a thrilling book and I had hardly any time to relax and take it all in. All the magic was slightly difficult to keep track of but, other than that, it was truly marvelous.

Was it plot or character driven? Character.

What did you think of the ending? The ending was happy and cute. There could definitely be a sequel, too, which is exciting.

What was the moral of the story? Every good thing can be bad but you’re the only one who can change that.

Favorite quote: “Learning is nothing to do with magic, and everything to do with using the intelligence you were born with.” – Isadore Spoffard

Who would you recommend it to? Lovers of Wildwood by Colin Meloy or chocolate-obsessed kids.

Number of unknown words: 27

Recipe: Fish and Chips

Tell us about a time you felt something bad was going to happen in the future so you did something in the present to prevent it from happening.

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