The Family Reviews Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday


Pete: At the start of this film I thought it was going to be a sub-standard film at best. Fortunately it picked up dramatically and was worthwhile in the end.

If you’re a fan of music from the early 2000s, then this soundtrack would be a perfect one for you (and maybe your mom) to listen to. Find the playlist on YouTube here.

My favorite architectural detail were the columns out the front of the cafe where Jake worked.

Freaky Friday 2003 archi detail

A good beer to try whilst watching this film would be Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René. Gueuze is a blend of both aged and fresh lambic beers.

Brigette: The B-movie beginning almost wrecked it for me, but Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance as a teenager stuck in her mother’s body was amazing.

Morgan: This film was more of a modernization of the 1976 version but it was still just as funny and entertaining. Check out me and Gable’s review of Freaky Friday (the book) here.

Gable: At the start of this challenge, I read the book Freaky Friday, and, before that, I watched the first adaptation of the film. Then I watched this version, which I found not at all like the book. It seemed to be very loosely based on the book, which I thought was slightly annoying and, therefore, it was hard to enjoy, although the ending was quite pleasant.

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