The Family Reviews Back To The Future II

Back To The Future II

back to the future 2

Pete: The second “Back to The Future” film stars Micheal J Fox and Christopher Lloyd arguably at the top of their acting careers. Also featuring Elizabeth Shue in one of the roles that launched her career. She managed to land the role after Claudia Wells pulled out after filming commenced, due to her mother being seriously ill.

This is my favorite of the Back To The Future films, it provides the most laughs whilst maintaining a constant intensity. My favorite scene is where Micheal J. Fox plays Marlene McFly. The film also manages to frustrate me: we’re only one year from 2015 and I’m yet to see any hover-boards or flying cars.

back to the future daughter

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Brigette: This film is time travel genre at its best. It has heart, humor and intensity. I really miss those 80’s actors. The biggest disappointing in that most of the technology depicted for 2015 was totally unrealized.


Morgan: This sequel was much more intense and action-packed than the first film and I must say that the ending was a quite a cliff-hanger! It was also funny to see how they depicted 2015 in 1989. Cannot wait to see Back to the Future III!

Gable: I really enjoyed this film because it was very intense and got into it from the get-go. I have also watched the first film in this trilogy, Back To The Future, which I enjoyed immensely but, now having watched this one, it seems to get better as it goes on.

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