The Family Reviews Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted

muppets most wanted

Pete: I almost convinced myself that this Muppet film would be a let down compared to the 2011 Muppets Movie. I was pleasantly surprised…one of the best Muppet films ever. I hope they continue to improve (if that’s possible) in any future installments.

Beer Pairing: Seek out your local Russian Imperial Stout.

Brigette: This was my favorite Muppets film to date; and I’ve seen them all. I think putting Bret McKenzie in charge of the music was the best thing the franchise ever did. The cast was also phenomenal. I just couldn’t get enough of Ty Burrell as Interpol’s Jean Pierre Napoleon. I loved the Muppets when I was a kid and I love sharing them with my kids.


Morgan: I loved this film because it really emphasized the importance of family and love but it also had plenty of comedy and action! Much better than the first Muppets film.

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One thought on “The Family Reviews Muppets Most Wanted

  1. Lisa D says:

    I love the Muppets! And I agree that this film stacks up really well against all the others (though Muppets Take Manhattan will always be a sentimental favourite, this was a close second).
    I’m also a big fan of Bret McKenzie Brigette, and he clearly gets what the Muppets are all about. The soundtrack to this film was on high rotation in our house and car after the family saw this movie.
    I loved that there were a few references to past Muppet movies in the film too.

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