The Family Reviews Back To The Future III

Back To The Future III

back to the future 3

Pete: Intense and with a storyline that just doesn’t quit, this Back To The Future instalment delivers 1980s movie making at its peak. One of the few films I’d watch again at a moments notice.

Beer Pairing: Any of the beers from Wild Heaven.

Brigette: This film like the others in the series was very intense which was probably intensified by the fact that we had quite possibly the worst move ever and a death in the family all within a fortnight. The relationship between Marty and Doc is one I have always loved despite how unrealistic it was. I mean, a high school senior and an older, eccentric scientist? It was so great, it even transcended time! If only all young people had such wonderful mentors. Doc Brown reminds us, “Your future hasn’t been written yet; no one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!” And doing so in an awesome Jules Verne time traveling steam punk train doesn’t hurt either.


Morgan: This has to be my favorite Back to the Future film! It was really intense and funny and had a good message. This film is great for Back to the Future lovers or those who are fans of the Wild West.

Gable: Now, I have watched all the Back To The Future films. That’s sad for me because I really liked them and now there are no more. The first one was the second best, the second one the worst (and it wasn’t that bad), but this one was the best of all. It was more intense than any of the others, more meaningful than any of the others, funnier than any of the others; it was a truly perfect way to end the series.

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