The Family Reviews Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

nancy drew

Pete: This was one of the best book series to film adaptations of all time. An excellent film with exceptional work from everyone involved. I particularly enjoyed the soundtrack with Flunk’s version of New Order’s Blue Monday being the highlight for me. For the beer pairing, I’d recommend ParrotDogs’ Sleuthhound.

My favorite architectural details were Nancy’s cathedral model and the Draycott House attic, complete with ceiling fans and window seat.

Nancy-Drew-archi-1-model                          Nancy-Drew-archi-2-attic

Brigette: I loved everything about this film. I really related to this Nancy Drew because I was very much like her when I was in high school and really struggled to do regular teenager things. I was a little Martha Stewart and no one in high school appreciates that. Although, the Nancy Drew of the book series is much older, I really liked this film version in that this Nancy is closer to my girls ages and the perfect role model: smart, polite, independent and not boy crazy. Make some blondies and check out what’s in Nancy’s sleuth kit.

Morgan: I really enjoyed this film! Nancy Drew’s style is similar to mine and I loved the action and anticipation of the film. Great for anyone who feels different from others.

nancy drew style

Gable: This film. was in my top 10 watched this year; it was intense, exciting, and funny, all at the same time. I could relate a lot to Nancy and I admired the way she was prepared for everything. It was a wonderful film. I look forward to reading the book series, too.

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