The Family Reviews The Addams Family

The Addams Family


Pete: A brilliant and true to television series adaptation delivered in 1991. As a huge fan of the TV series I absolutely adored this film. And I only like my Girl Scout cookies if they are made with real Girl Scouts. The Addams Family House was my favorite architectural detail with the best driving range I’ve ever seen in a house. I particularly like the greenhouse.

Addams Family archi-detail

I would suggest pairing this film with Bone Yard Brewing’s Golden Ale.

Brigette: I love the Addams family. The parents are still amorous with each other. The grandmother lives with them, but doesn’t meddle and does all the cooking. The kids are independent and obedient. The uncle is the fun, cool guy the kids look up to. The servants are like family as well. Everyone is allowed their own space and freedom to be who they are. If only all families were as strong and supportive of each other with a family credo as awesome as, “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.”

Morgan: This film is a perfect family film to watch at Halloween-time. It has a perfect combination of comedy, romance, drama and action so I would suggest it to anyone. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily scary, just weird in some parts but that was all part of the humor.

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