Brigette Reviews Delirium

Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Describe it in 25 words or less. Love has been deemed a disease and a combination of the cure, fear tactics and brainwashing make sure it doesn’t cause any problems.

Any particular reason for choosing this book? The girls both rave on about Lauren Oliver, so I thought I’d try one of her novels.

Genre: Young Adult Literature

Who was your favorite and least favorite character and why? I could see where everyone was coming from in this book, but I didn’t have strong feeling for any of them. Perhaps that’s what a world without love is like.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while? Although the book moves at a slow but steady pace, I found myself unable to put it down.

What did you think of the ending? I was told by the girls that Lauren Oliver’s endings were very touching and sweet, so I was bitterly disappointed by this one. It was not touching or sweet but rather harsh and open-ended.

What was the moral of the story? You need to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong; don’t let society dictated that for you.

Favorite quote: “Hate isn’t the most dangerous thing. Indifference is.” – Alex

Have you read other books in the series? There are 2 more books in the series so far and a few spin-off character books. One look at Goodreads tells me I’ll be just as disappointed with the endings of the other books, so maybe I’ll just leave it there.

Would you like to see it adapted into a film? Any ideas on casting? They did attempt a TV series based on the book, but it never went to air. I think it’s a case of too much of the book being in the character’s head to translate well onscreen. Plus, how hard is it to get the characters right. Hana has BLONDE hair!!!!

Who would you recommend it to? I’d recommend this to all young people who are curious what it feels like to fall in love or to anyone who wants to relive those feelings. It’s also a great source of conversation starters and would be great for a book group.

Do you think love is a disease?

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