The Family Reviews Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo


Pete: I was a huge fan of the cartoon series on television that I’d watch religiously as a child. This film was a great adaptation and I think most of the actors did a great job; particularly Matthew Lillard who played Shaggy Rogers. Any fan of the cartoon television series should seek out this film. And I wouldn’t mind checking out the architecture on Scary Island. I would suggest pairing this film with Green Flash Brewing Co’s: Sleepin’ With Shaggy American Barleywine.

scooby doo Spooky_Island

Brigette: I watched a lot of Scooby Doo cartoons growing up, so this really took me back. Unfortunately, it lost all of its innocence being translated into film. Several things I never wanted to see: Velma become a whiney, insecure nerd, Fred to be a self-absorbed airhead, Daphne having feelings for anyone in the group, Shaggy having feelings for anyone and Scooby Doo being a complete moron. Mystery Inc. was supposed to be a completely asexual and ego-free group. My highlights were Rowan Atkinson and the disco skull. Do yourself a favor, make some Scooby snacks and watch the cartoons instead.

scooby doo disco skull

Gable: I was expecting this film to be very scary but it turned out to be not scary at all. The soundtrack was cool, the plot unique, and the film itself intense and interesting. I would suggest this film to tween boys and young teenage boys because of the certain kind of humor it featured but I would also suggest it to girls of that age group because of Daphne. Also, it’s a pretty good film to watch as a family.

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  1. My kids love this movie. šŸ™‚

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