The Family Reviews Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Pete: This was a much unexpected Disney film that was actually spooky, scary, and highly entertaining (and without any musical component to it). I film about fear, regret and reinforcing the notion that you should never trust a “carny”. I would suggest pairing this film with Sawdust City Brewing Company’s Griffin The Carny Golden Ale. The library in this film was pretty amazing too.

Something Wicked This Way Comes-archi-detail-library

Brigette: I enjoy Ray Bradbury’s novels and although I have not read this one, I found the film to be weirdly disjointed. I sincerely hope the book is better. There were terrifying parts to the film, but ultimately it was a story about not letting fear and regret rule your life.  And although I don’t smoke, I now covet one of these lighters.

Something Wicked This Way Comes-lighter

Morgan: This film was creepy, strange and intriguing all at once. There was mystery, horror, drama and action all mixed into one. It shows the importance of love and happiness and has many creepy parts intertwined with strange magic. It’s perfect for Halloween (especially the spider part).

Gable: This film was really really creepy. For those with arachnophobia or a fear of blood, it would be unbearable. Mr. Dark was my least favorite character because he was really creepy and just weird, although I could relate the most to Will Halloway. But, luckily, the ending was a perfectly happy one. I highly recommend this film for people who are hunting for great Halloween films, people who aren’t afraid of anything, and people who hate carnivals.

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