The Family Reviews Maleficent



Pete: Disney has exceeded my expectations yet again. A great twist on a traditional tale that was both refreshing and entertaining. All the actors did a wonderful job, even the baby Aurora was fantastic. My only hope is that more traditional tales are given a similar treatment in the future. I would suggest pairing this film with Lost Abbey’s Witch’s Wit. My favorite architectural detail was Aurora’s (not so) secret cottage.

Maleficent archi detail cottage

Brigette: This has been one of Disney’s best live action films in a long time. I am not an Angelina Jolie fan and was a little apprehensive about this film at first. But, even I have to admit that she was genius in this role. Seeing the story from this angle was a refreshing change from the sometimes overly saccharine one Disney tends to put out. Hoping to see the stories behind Captain Hook and Ursula in the future.

Morgan: This film was wonderful! It had a powerful message about love and family and it was very interesting to find out the backstory of how Maleficent came to be. I’d recommend this film to anyone who doesn’t know the meaning to true love or any mothers/fathers or daughters/sons.

Gable: This film turned out to be much better than I had thought it would be. A more hopeful retelling for Sleeping Beauty, this film was intense, sad and wonderful all at once. The Moors was a beautiful place and I praise whoever designed the set for that. Some of the creatures there were quite weird and sometimes even a little creepy, but the greenery there was just gorgeous. I would hope for a sequel but I am unsure how one would be necessary.

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