The Family Reviews On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever


Pete: A visual delight with an awesome cast; this ended up being a really great film. The only issue I had with it was the musical component. I would like to see if it would still work with the songs deleted. This would also save about 20 minutes. I’d recommend any beer with a pleasant floral aroma, but this one in particular: Butternuts Beer & Ale’s ESP (English Special Pale).

The opening credits were fantastic.

On A Clear Day open-credits-1 On A Clear Day open-credits-2On A Clear Day open-credits-3On A Clear Day open-credits-4

And the architectural delights were many.

On A Clear Day Casino On A Clear Day Daisy apt-1On A Clear Day Daisy Green HouseOn A Clear Day Dr Chabot office deskOn A Clear Day Dr Chabot office spiral libraryOn A Clear Day med school interiorOn A Clear Day NYC 1On A Clear Day NYC 2On A Clear Day Royal Pavilion Brighton exteriorOn A Clear Day Royal Pavilion Brighton interior
Brigette: I get it, Barbara Streisand has a phenomenal voice. But do so many of her films have to be musicals? She’s a phenomenal actress, too! Unfortunately, she often plays man-chasing, self-deprecating characters that make me want to strangle myself with a tie as well. She does get a chance to show off her strong female side as Melinda from one of her past lives. But she is still chasing a man and there is a super cringe-worthy “making love with your eyes” scene as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Her style is impeccable, as usual, and so is the style of the whole film. I now have requests for pyjamas that match the bedsheets! Also, a highly entertaining bit of acting from a very young Jack Nicholson. This was actually a very complex, multi-layered film which I probably would have enjoyed a lot more if there hadn’t been any singing.

On A Clear Day Jack Nicholson

Morgan: This film was interesting, confusing and stylish all at once! A perfect film for those who are fans of Barbra Streisand, musicals, very chić fashion and floral print everything. It’s long but good.

Gable: This film had a very interesting and unique storyline, which I quite enjoyed. It also had adorable fashion that matched the rest of the outfit and Daisy’s bedding. I am a fan of both Barbara Streisand and the idea of reincarnation, which made this film all the more interesting for me. I suggest to everyone, especially those who don’t know what reincarnation is or don’t believe in it.

On A Clear Day Daisy apt-2 bed-pj-match

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