The Family Reviews Lassie



Pete: Please do not confuse this film with the extremely boring 1994 film of the same name. All copies of the older version should be destroyed and replaced with this version. A very impressive cast and plot make this one family film that I would recommend without hesitation. Emotionally gripping (I’ll admit to shedding at least a few tears) and intense at times, it featured great cinematography and between the wars setting, making it one of the most visually interesting films I’ve seen in a while. Keep an eye out for the Loch Ness Monster too. My favorite architectural details were the Scottish farmhouse ruins and the Little People Theatre’s gypsy caravan. I’d recommend Bellhaven’s Wee Heavy with this film.



Brigette: This was an unexpectedly depressing film. It has the works: cruelty to animals, sad childhoods, war, loss along with a magnificent cast. Be sure to have tissues ready with this one. And hold your loved ones (four and two-legged) a little tighter.

Morgan: What a tear jerker! The story was bittersweet, there was lots of action and anticipation and there were lots of grab-a-tissue moments. I don’t cry a lot but I think I cried at least twice during this film. My least favorite character would be Mr. Hynes because he was cruel to animals and greedy and my favorite character would have to be Cilla because of her sense and wit. Amazing film. It makes you think about the importance of love between an owner and his dog.

Gable: I thought it was just going to be some rather sweet and heart-warming story but, at first, it was just repeating the same sad events over and over again. Towards the end, it just got even more heart-wrenching and horrible but, luckily, in the end it turned out just fine. If you are known to cry at films, bring a box of tissues with you when you’re going to see the updated version of Lassie.

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