The Family Reviews Brigadoon



Pete: I tried being lenient on this film, mostly because it is 60 years old. In short: it put me to sleep. Too much tap-dancing, too many songs that dragged on and on. It’s only saving grace was Jeff Douglas’ cynicism and dry wit. I was happy to watch it with the rest of my family as I think we made the most of it by taking the mickey out of it. If you want to watch it, I’d do so with a keg (or at least a few bottles) of Williams Brothers Brewing Company’s Fraoch Heather Ale and laugh along with Jeff. (You might be able to find this one at your quality craft beer outlet as it is available worldwide.) My favorite architectural detail were the thatched roof Scottish cottages.


Brigette: I wonder why so many classic films are musicals. If you can answer this question for me, I’d really appreciate it. I’m not a huge fan of them, but Van Johnson’s character Jeff Douglas made it worth all the singing and dancing I had to endure. Note to screenwriters: This film is screaming out to be remade (minus the singing and dancing).

Gable: This film was a little less interesting then I had expected it to be. I’m a sucker for time-travel stories that involve themselves with love. The singing got on my nerves pretty quickly but that was practically the only downfall of it. My favorite character was Jeff because he was just so funny but I was also a fan of Tommy because I was a lot like him in some ways. It was a good movie but I don’t necessarily recommend to everyone.

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