Pete Reviews Kick Ass

Kick-Ass (The Complete Series: 3 volumes)
by Mark Millar & illustrated by John Romita, Jr.


After watching the first two films I decided I was overdue to read the comic book series that it was based on. The series was not your typical comic book, despite being extreme in violence there was always an underlying humor or at least satire that made it entertaining as well as fascinating to read. I often found myself questioning myself and moral viewpoints long after putting the book down. That alone made it an extremely enjoyable read. The film, although slightly different, was honest enough to the book and I would recommend either to anyone who enjoys action and philosophy violently blended together.

Here are my recommended beer pairings for each volume.
Volume 1: Evans Ale’s Kick-Ass Brown
Volume 2: Beard Brewery’s Red Myst Irish Ale
Volume 3: Right Brain Brewery’s Naught Girl Mint Stout

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