The Family Reviews Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus

Pete: Another surprisingly brilliant family film. Full of emotion and humor, interlaced with imaginative animated scenes along with some romance and a great soundtrack, I think there it at least one moment that anyone will relate to. I would highly recommend this under-rated film to anyone, especially those with young daughters. I’d recommend you take your family to the Fifth Street Brew Pub and enjoy the Maybe Ramona Brown Ale. The Quimby family house is an architectural classic.


Brigette: Unexpectedly heartfelt little film. Great cast, great story (of course it’s adapted from Beverly Cleary’s novels) and great message. And the DVD extras are well worth checking out too!

Morgan: This film was in my Top 10 list! I loved it! At first, I didn’t think it would be that good but in the end I found myself relating to a lot of the troubles and issues that the Quimby’s had and I’m sure all families could in some way. It was relatable and funny with plenty of family love and drama. I would suggest this film to anyone who has a family or for younger girls –especially daydreamers– who have a close family or who feel a little awkward when trying to do the right thing.

Gable: This film made me laugh, smile, cringe and cry, even though, before watching, I wondered what could even happen and that it must be so short and lame. Alas, I was proven wrong when I was delivered this relatable masterpiece. The film itself seemed to reflect some of my life a little and I was thrilled by the director’s advice in the Extras, since I would like to get into the film industry when I grow up. I suggest this film to all struggling families of four, especially those who need a good cry.

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