The Family Reviews Penny Serenade

Penny Serenade


Pete: I’m still trying to figure out where the title of this film came from. It was a little drawn out and one of the most tragic stories I’ve seen from that era. It also contained one of the weirdest scenes I’ve ever witnessed when Julie Adams attempts to bathe her daughter for the first time. Being over 70 years old I wouldn’t mind seeing a modern remake of this classic. I’d recommend sipping Rhoenbrauerei Dittmar’s Rhöner Simco Serenade whilst viewing this melodrama. It was quite a shame what happened to their house in Japan.

Penny Serenade Rogers House in Japan

Brigette: This is yet another classic film screaming out to be remade. I found it a bit heavy and it made me want to hug my girls a little tighter. As a film about a marriage weathering many storms, I found it very relatable. My favorite character was Applejack; I wish we had a friend like him. Highly recommended to parents, especially adoptive ones.

Morgan: At first, this film appeared a little dull but as the it went on, it became a heart-touching story about a woman who played the records that she had been given and had bought throughout the evolution of her relationship with her husband. The ending was the most wonderful part of the film and the things before it tugged at your heartstrings and caused lumps in your throat. I liked the format of this film because it was creative, interesting and inventive…even though it was an old black-and-white film. I would recommend this film to anyone who is married or who has raised a family or who are Cary Grant fans. Even though the title doesn’t make much sense to the film, it was still quite a good film.

Gable: This film was much more interesting than I thought it would be. It was a comedic romance film for the whole family to enjoy. You never were totally sure what would happen next or how, but all the more exciting. I enjoyed the concept of how each record represented a different stage in her life and I would very much enjoy creating a modern adaptation of this film. I highly recommend this film to couples who adopted only one child and couples who are currently thinking about adoption or children of any sort but it really is a film for all.

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