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Pete and Brigette Review Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


Pete: Seldom is a sequel (or is this a prequel?) better than the original, or first in the series. Fortunately this is one of those rare cases. The film has a great balance of action and morality. I truly enjoy films that end up with me asking the question of what I would have done if put in the same situation. The commentary on politics, war, and the environment are brilliantly threaded throughout. I’d recommend this to all talking apes. I’d suggest downing a few of Short’s Brewing Company’s Good Humans Double Brown Ales whilst pondering the questions raised in this film.

Dawn OTPOTA village

Dawn OTPOTA tree

Brigette: I think this has been the best Planet Of The Apes film yet. It was unexpectedly heartfelt and the only issue I had with it was that war couldn’t be avoided in the end.

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The Family Reviews 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure

101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure


Pete: After the first few minutes of this film I thought it was going to be an animated musical over-kill. Fortunately they held back on the majority of the music until the closing credits. It turned out to be a very cute and adorable film with a great message for everyone. I’d recommend sipping on Almanac Beer Company’s Dogpatch Sour Barrel Aged Wild Ale whilst watching this film with dog lovers. Loved this shot too!

Thunderbolt has an idea

Brigette: Great little sequel to 101 Dalmatians. Highly recommended to children from large families who feel a bit neglected at times or to children who have a difficult time differentiating TV from reality. I really loved Martin Short as the voice of Lars and encourage you to try you hand at some spotty art that would drive Cruella Deville mad!


Morgan: This film focused on Patch and his admiration for his favorite TV star: Thunderbolt. I sort of preferred the first film but this one wasn’t bad either. There’s plenty of action and comedy through the whole film so the whole family can enjoy it.

Gable: I much preferred this film over the first one. It had a very meaningful message and I suggest it to all small children with huge idols and any actors or wannabes. It was a very cute and meaningful story with adorable visuals and some funny parts here and there. Perfect for everyone and anyone. I highly recommend it!

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Pete and Brigette Review Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2


Pete: This was as difficult to watch as you could expect for a film. Full of cringe and agonizingly annoying moments of gut churning torture at the hands of “Outback Legend” and psychopath Mick Taylor. Set up nicely for a third installment which I’m sure I’ll watch eventually, after I get over the trauma of watching this film.
This film places John Jarratt as Australia’s most wickedly brilliant actor. Mick’s laugh is perfectly perverse and would make anyone think twice about stopping in the outback.

Beer Pairing: Anything from Wolf Creek Brewing

Brigette: This was one of Pete’s picks for our October horror theme and I have to say I wasn’t all that thrilled about watching it. With 30 minutes to go, I just wanted to shut it off. It’s definitely more gruesome than scary but disturbing nonetheless. Australia isn’t known for it’s serial killers or unsolved crimes but if you look carefully, you’ll find references to all of them. There’s also a great ad for Jeep and some Australian history trivia which I found a welcome distraction from the gore. I didn’t think there needed to be a sequel to the original film and I fear there may still be more to come.

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The Family Review Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian

Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian

night at the museum 2

Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: Former security guard, Larry Daley, must work out a way to save his museum friends after discovering that they are all being archived.

Brigette: When the museum sends the displays to long term storage at The Smithsonian, Larry must find a way to save them.

Morgan: When most of the exhibits from the Museum of Natural History are shipped to the Smithsonian Museum, can night-guard Larry Daley save the day?

Gable: Larry Daley travels to the Smithsonian Museum to save all his museum friends and create history themselves.


Pete: Family/Comedy

Brigette: Family/Adventure

Morgan: Family/Action/Comedy

Gable: Family/Action/Adventure/Comedy

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete: Amelia Earhart because of sense of adventure.

Brigette: Jedediah because he never lost hope and was an excellent friend.

Morgan: Yet again, my favorite character would have to be Teddy Roosevelt because he gave the best advice.

Gable: Amelia Earhart because she was fun and care free and also because I could relate to her adventure-loving nature.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Ivan The Terrible because he was Ivan The Terrible.

Gable: Kahmunrah because he was greedy, although almost every time he opened his mouth, it was hilarious because of his lisp and his choice of words.

How was the casting?

Pete: Fantastic, I really enjoy watching any of Amy Adams’ performances and I loved Jonah Hill’s cameo as Brundan.

Brigette: Perfection.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: Grabbed me from the start and it didn’t waste anytime getting stuck into the action. Some of the special effects were amazing.

Brigette: The beginning of this film was similar to the first one in that it had a lame little backstory that you had to get through before you got to the good stuff, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Morgan: It grabbed me immediately and all the action and humor had me the entire way through.

Gable: The beginning was touching and I was very eager to find out what happened next. The rest of the film was intense but also funny, which I enjoy in anything I watch.

Favorite quote:

Pete: “I ride on the back of nature’s most fearsome creature. I ride…THE SQUIRREL!!!” – Octavius

Brigette: “And who knows, sometimes the greatest change brings about even greater opportunity.” – Teddy Roosevelt

Morgan: “Would you please not look dramatically off into the middle distance?” – Larry

Gable: “I don’t know; did they run out of interesting jokes at the interesting joke store you shop at?” – Brundon

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: It was once again scored by Alan Silvestri and you can preview it here. We’ve put the most of the rest of the music from the film on Grooveshark. And if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan, here’s a little treat just for you.

Would you watch it again?

Brigette: This was actually my second time watching this and it was just as entertaining as the first time.

Is it part of a series and have you seen the rest of the series?

Brigette: We’ve seen Night At The Museum and are looking forward to Night At The Museum 3: Secret Of The Tomb due out later this year.

Morgan: I have seen “Night At The Museum” but I much preferred this one over the first one!

Gable: This one was much more intense than the first one in the series. I hear a third one is coming out this year. I’m always glad when I hear there is one more book or film in a series I like.

How was the ending?

Pete: I truly enjoyed the little sub-plot ending just after the credits start rolling.

Brigette: Happy without being sappy.

Morgan: Definitely open for a third film.

Gable: It was a happy ending but slightly predictable. I really want to see how they make a third one out of it.

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: Love your work and live in the moment.

Brigette: Do what makes you happy, not just what makes you money.

Morgan: Do things you like to do, that way, life is more enjoyable.

Gable: Things happen in life that we never really notice because life itself has too much going on all at once that you have no time to deal with these smaller better things.

Did you learn anything?

Pete: A little about some of the historical figures.

Brigette: The film is peppered with historical tidbits.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete & Gable: Anyone who enjoyed ‘Night At The Museum’.

Brigette: People who think history is boring.

Morgan: Those who are fans of the first film and anyone interested in history.

Won’t Eat Their Cereal Opportunity: Oscar The Grouch Won’t Eat His Cereal

Craft/Activity: Visit the Smithsonian.

Artwork: Crying Girl by Roy Lichtenstein

Night At The Museum 2 crying girl artwork

Beer pairing: (Pete’s specialty) Dogfish Head’s Ta Henket Ancient Ale (based on ingredients and traditions plucked from Egyptian hieroglyphics)

Favorite Architectural Detail: (Pete’s other specialty)
Smithsonian Interior

Night At The Museum 2 archi

Tell us about a time when rescuing someone else actually ended up saving you.

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Morgan and Gable Review Hate That Cat

Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

hate that cat

Describe it in 25 words or less.

Morgan: The poetic sequel to “Love That Dog.”

Write 6 words you would put on this book if it were in the “Blind Date With A Book” shelf.

Gable: Cats, Poetry, Mother, Metaphors, School, Chair


Morgan: Poem/Autobiographical/Children’s Literature

What was your favorite part/character and why?

Morgan: My favorite part was when he was talking about his yellow chair in his room being similar to a “pleasantly plump momma”.

Gable: Jack because I could relate to him the most.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Gable: Uncle Bill because he was mean to Jack and dissed poetry far beyond how much it should be dissed.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Morgan: It didn’t take too long because I knew what to expect after reading “Love That Dog”.

Gable: This book showed that Sharon Creech had improved her writing skills since “Love That Dog” and, therefore, it had more intense parts than in the last book, but not by much.

Was it plot or character driven?

Morgan: More character driven, for sure.

Gable: Character, most definitely.

What did you think of the ending?

Morgan: Nice.

Gable: A cute, happy ending.

What was the moral of the story?

Morgan: Sometimes you need to be yourself and do things your own way to become more creative.

Gable: If you hate something now, you can love it tomorrow or any other day.

Favorite quote:

“…it isn’t knowing the words that describe writing
that is important
–it is the thoughts in our heads
that are most important.” –Jack

“Thank you for telling me
I could FORGET
those confusing words
and that it isn’t knowing the words
describe writing
that is important –
it is the thoughts in our heads
that are most important
and that
feeling the rhythm
is even more
hearing the rhythm.

thank you for saying
I am a genius
(even though I know
you are exaggerating).” – Jack

Have you read other books in the series?

Morgan: Yes, I have read “Love That Dog” (also by Sharon Creech). Check out my review of it here.

Gable: I preferred this one over Love That Dog. I hope Sharon will write a third one in the series to make it a trilogy. She also wrote The Great Unexpected, which I hope to read soon.

Who would you recommend it to?

Morgan: Those who liked “Love That Dog,” those who have a cat (or hate cats), or poetic types.

Gable: People who thought “Love That Dog” could be improved.

Number of unknown words:

Morgan: 5

Gable: 1

Craft/Activity: Learn sign language.

Which pet did you unintentionally fall in love with?

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The Family Reviews Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2


Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: Flint Lockwood’s adventures continue when lands his dream job and is then sent on a mission to save his home town.

Brigette: Flint Lockwood must decide if he’s willing to turn his back on his friends in order to become a great inventor.

Morgan: The sequel to “Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs,” where animals, food and adventure combine to make an awesome family film.

Gable: The unique animated film about cute living foods.


Pete: Animated/Family/Science Fiction

Brigette: Animation/Family

Morgan: Family/Comedy

Gable: Animated/Family/Adventure

What did you think of the poster and/or credit art?

Brigette: The end credits art is AWESOME and well worth watching the making of extra on the DVD.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete: Steve because he loves to celebrate.

Brigette: Tim Lockwood because under his tough exterior he was a big softie.

Morgan: Tim because he was kind and cared a lot about his son.

Gable: Barry because he was cute.

Who was your favorite foodimal?

Pete: Tacodile


Brigette: Meatbalrus


Morgan & Gable: Marshmallows (we know it’s not technically a foodimal, but they were super cute!)


Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Chester V because he was LIVE backwards.

Brigette: Chester V because he thought only of himself.

Morgan: Probably Chester V because he was shifty.

Gable: Brent because he was an idiot.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: Immediate attention grabber after the initial minute or two of re-capping of the first film.

Brigette: It was like seeing an old friend again; comfortable and easy to settle in with.

Morgan: It grabbed me immediately and had me the entire way.

Gable: The re-cap was a bit annoying, although I forgot most of the previous film, but the rest was very intense.

Favorite quote:

Pete: “CELEBRATE!” – Steve

Brigette: “I don’t get vests. Is it winter on your torso and summer on your arms?” – Tim Lockwood

Morgan: “There’s a leek in my boat!” – Tim

What would you change?

Brigette: There was a little recap at the start which is a pet peeve of mine, so I would have cut that part out. I figure if you haven’t seen the first of a series clearly marked with a 2, then it’s your own fault if you don’t know what’s going on.

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: Fun! Here are a few of the songs from the film:
New by Paul McCartney
Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills
Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express
La Da Dee by Cody Simpson

Is it part of a series and have you seen the rest of the series?

Brigette: We have watched the first film, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and really enjoyed it. But I liked this one even more.

Morgan: We have watched “Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs,” but I prefer this one, especially because it has Foodimals.

How was the ending?

Brigette: Happy but not sappy.

Morgan: Wonderful!

Gable: Sweet and happy – remember to hang out for the cool end credits!

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: Friends and family are the most important things you can have.

Brigette: Good friends enhance your life, not distract you from it.

Morgan: Sometimes you just need to let things be.

Gable: A friend will help you sometimes but a real friend will help you, even if you think you don’t need help.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete: Anyone who likes to play with their food whilst animal watching.

Brigette: Vegans.

Morgan: People who like foodscapes.

Gable: People who enjoy making, looking at, or eating foodscapes, people who think berries are cute, people who like on-the-edge-of-your-seats films, and people who like drawn credits. S

Recipe: Find inspiration to make your own foodimals here and here.

Craft/Activity: Make your own celebration!

Color Palette: (Morgan’s specialty)

cloudy 2 cp

Beer pairing: (Pete’s specialty) Moon Dog Craft Brewing’s Bjorn to Boogie Watermelon Weizen

Favorite Architectural Detail: (Pete’s other specialty)
Cheese Town

cloudy 2 archi detail

Who was your childhood hero and do they still motivate you today?

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Pete and Brigette Review Red 2

Red 2


Describe it in 25 words or less.

Pete: A spy wants to retire but discovers that instead he, his wife, and some old friends must focus on saving a city from mass destruction.

Brigette: Frank Moses’ attempts at retirement are thwarted yet again when a nuclear device needs to be recovered and disarmed.


Pete: Thriller/Comedy

Brigette: Comic Book Adaptation

Who was your favorite character and why?

Pete: Marvin Boggs because everything that came out of his mouth was brilliant, funny, or both.

Brigette: Marvin because I’m a sucker for a loveable loon.

Who was your least favorite character and why?

Pete: Jack Horton because of his over-the-top arrogance.

Brigette: Jack Horton because he took orders without question.

How was the casting?

Pete: Brilliant, I don’t think it could have been any better.

Brigette: Impeccable.

Did it grab you immediately or did it take a while?

Pete: Grabbed me immediately and kept me entertained the entire time.

Brigette: It was like seeing an old friend; you’re keen to catch up and it feels like you never spent any time apart.

Favorite quote:

Marvin: “If there’s one thing I know, it’s women and covert operations.”
Frank: “Marvin, that’s two things.”
Han Cho Bai: “No, grasshopper. It is not.”

Brigette: “Why don’t they just dip our balls in honey and stake us to an ant farm!” – Marvin

How was the soundtrack?

Brigette: The score by Alan Silvestri is excellent and you can listen to it on YouTube here. We’ve put the other songs from the film on Spotify and Rdio.

Is it part of a series and have you seen the rest of the series?

Pete: Watched “Red” and really enjoyed it… so it was just a matter of time before I saw this one and I’m looking forward to future ones.

Brigette: I have seen the first one (Red) and enjoyed it very much but this one I LOVED!

How was the ending?

Pete: Really well planned out and not entirely predictable. Hopefully there will be a Red 3.

Brigette: It keeps you guessing until the last moment and I’m hoping it indicates a Red 3.

What was the moral of the story?

Pete: Sometimes an enemy can become a friend if you both want the same thing.

Brigette: Sometimes you need to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong and not just blindly follow orders.

Who would you recommend it to?

Pete: Espionage enthusiasts and James Bond film fans.

Brigette: Anyone who enjoyed the first film, Bruce Willis fans and people who love to see their comic books on the big screen.

Won’t Eat Their Cereal Opportunity: John Malkovich Won’t Eat His Cereal

Beer Pairing: (Pete’s specialty)

Rogue Ale’s Imperial Red

Favorite Architectural Detail: (Pete’s other specialty)
The Kremlin
red 2 architectural detail

What does retirement look like to you?

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