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The Family Reviews The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy


Pete: It was great to see this story the way we did: Almost 12 hours of epic cinematographic wonder viewed in one day by my family on New Year’s Eve. There can be no triumph without loss. No victory without suffering. No freedom without sacrifice. Recommended ales (Preferable drunk at either The Prancing Pony or The Green Dragon Inn): The Fellowship of The Ring: Plank Town Brewing’s Hobbit’s Habit Olde Ale, The Two Towers: Fish Brewing Company’s Hobbit Series Gollum Precious Pils and The Return of the King: Jester King Brewery’s Noble King Hoppy Farm Ale.

Brigette: I was really excited to share these films with the girls for our New Year’s Eve movie marathon. And after watching The Hobbit films, I am committed to reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 2015. I loved The Hobbit book and felt that the film didn’t do it justice. I can only imagine how much I will enjoy these books based on how much I love the films. Now when the girls don’t want to do something I say, “Would you rather take the ring to Mordor?”

Morgan: This trilogy was – in my opinion – better than Star Wars (which we watched New Year’s 2013). I will say that most of it was taken up by terrible wars but that’s besides the point. These films incorporated fantasy, action, humor, horror, romance and drama into three long but worth it installments. In parts, it became a little scary, in others; thrilling and in others it was even a little funny. I think these films were perfect for our annual New Year’s Eve movie marathon since they were all quite long but all still had you at the edge of your seat. I now feel the urge to read the novels to see how alike they are to the films. I have to say that I had a few favorite characters in these films. I appreciated Sam’s determination and how he stuck to his promise the whole way through. Without him, I don’t think the ring would’ve ever made it to Mordor. I though Legolas was pretty awesome (I mean, skateboarding on a shield down steps whilst shooting people with arrows isn’t like the height of awesomeness?) and Strider’s knowledge and leadership kept everyone going, I think. These films are perfect to show how war and sacrifice can change a person and how friendship can help you through almost anything…even getting the ring to Mordor.

Gable: I watched these on New Year’s Eve in a marathon and I enjoyed them all a lot. My favorite characters were Strider and Legolas but my least favorite was Frodo Baggins. Frodo wasn’t as brave as he needed to be and his flashes of evil were quite violent and unnecessary. It was still a great trilogy, all in all, and I think, although I have never read Tolkien’s books, they did a better job on these films than on the Hobbit ones.

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