Pete and Brigette Review Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


Pete: Seldom is a sequel (or is this a prequel?) better than the original, or first in the series. Fortunately this is one of those rare cases. The film has a great balance of action and morality. I truly enjoy films that end up with me asking the question of what I would have done if put in the same situation. The commentary on politics, war, and the environment are brilliantly threaded throughout. I’d recommend this to all talking apes. I’d suggest downing a few of Short’s Brewing Company’s Good Humans Double Brown Ales whilst pondering the questions raised in this film.

Dawn OTPOTA village

Dawn OTPOTA tree

Brigette: I think this has been the best Planet Of The Apes film yet. It was unexpectedly heartfelt and the only issue I had with it was that war couldn’t be avoided in the end.

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Brigette Reviews Landline

Landline by Rainbow Rowell


This was my #50 for I guess it was sort of appropriate because it takes place at Christmas. I was really looking forward to this book after really enjoying Rowell’s Attachments, but I have to say I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book. I guess I got hung up (no pun intended) on not liking any of the characters. I also wanted more from the story. I wanted some big revelation that should have come from having a time traveling phone for goodness sakes! It just ended up being a sad look at a sad marriage between 2 sad people at Christmas. I think this is one of the rare occasions where a film adaptation might improve the story.

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The Family Reviews Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus

Pete: Another surprisingly brilliant family film. Full of emotion and humor, interlaced with imaginative animated scenes along with some romance and a great soundtrack, I think there it at least one moment that anyone will relate to. I would highly recommend this under-rated film to anyone, especially those with young daughters. I’d recommend you take your family to the Fifth Street Brew Pub and enjoy the Maybe Ramona Brown Ale. The Quimby family house is an architectural classic.


Brigette: Unexpectedly heartfelt little film. Great cast, great story (of course it’s adapted from Beverly Cleary’s novels) and great message. And the DVD extras are well worth checking out too!

Morgan: This film was in my Top 10 list! I loved it! At first, I didn’t think it would be that good but in the end I found myself relating to a lot of the troubles and issues that the Quimby’s had and I’m sure all families could in some way. It was relatable and funny with plenty of family love and drama. I would suggest this film to anyone who has a family or for younger girls –especially daydreamers– who have a close family or who feel a little awkward when trying to do the right thing.

Gable: This film made me laugh, smile, cringe and cry, even though, before watching, I wondered what could even happen and that it must be so short and lame. Alas, I was proven wrong when I was delivered this relatable masterpiece. The film itself seemed to reflect some of my life a little and I was thrilled by the director’s advice in the Extras, since I would like to get into the film industry when I grow up. I suggest this film to all struggling families of four, especially those who need a good cry.

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Pete Reviews Kick Ass

Kick-Ass (The Complete Series: 3 volumes)
by Mark Millar & illustrated by John Romita, Jr.


After watching the first two films I decided I was overdue to read the comic book series that it was based on. The series was not your typical comic book, despite being extreme in violence there was always an underlying humor or at least satire that made it entertaining as well as fascinating to read. I often found myself questioning myself and moral viewpoints long after putting the book down. That alone made it an extremely enjoyable read. The film, although slightly different, was honest enough to the book and I would recommend either to anyone who enjoys action and philosophy violently blended together.

Here are my recommended beer pairings for each volume.
Volume 1: Evans Ale’s Kick-Ass Brown
Volume 2: Beard Brewery’s Red Myst Irish Ale
Volume 3: Right Brain Brewery’s Naught Girl Mint Stout

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Pete and Brigette Review Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow


Pete: Simply put this is a blend of Ground Hog Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Alien. Despite that, it was much better than I’d anticipated. Simply put this is a blend of Ground Hog Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Alien. Despite that, it was much better than I’d anticipated. Simply put this is a blend of Ground Hog Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Alien. Despite that, it was much better than I’d anticipated. Cruise, Blunt, and Paxton were all brilliant. I’d recommend Great Raft Brewing’s Brewery’s All My Tomorrows Saison, just take one sip every time Major William Cage has to “reset”. The Quad-Tilt-rotors were the architectural highlight for me.


Brigette: Another very entertaining Tom Cruise film. I’m beginning to have a real appreciation for his dedication to his craft. It was important to him that his character have a bit of humor to him and I think this absolutely made the film. This film would appeal to a broad audience as there is something in it for everyone.

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Gable Reviews Pippi In The South Seas

Pippi in The South Seas by Astrid Lindgren

pippi in the south seas

I am pretty sure this is the best book in the Pippi Longstocking trilogy. It had sad moments, happy moments, intense moments, and funny moments. It was the best of the first two books mashed together and a little bit better, in fact. I think everyone should be reading the Pippi Longstocking trilogy as soon as possible because they are just awesome books!

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Brigette Reviews The Witch Of Blackbird Pond

The Witch Of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

witch of blackbird pond

I never had the good fortune of being assigned this book in school, but I wonder if I would have liked it as much if I had. This is one of the best fictional history books I’ve read. I will admit that it is very light on the history part, but I think it is a great way to introduce children to the religions, politics and general history of the time period because it is wrapped in such a great story. But probably the thing I liked best about it was the message about acceptance of differences in people and their lifestyles. It is geared toward girls as the main character is a 16 year old girl. I think she is just as relatable to girls now days which makes it all the better. I was previewing this before letting the girls read it and now I’m sorry we didn’t read it together because I really want to talk to someone about it over some blueberry cornmeal cake!

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The Family Reviews The Goonies

The Goonies


Pete: This was the fourth time I’ve watched this film. I love the fact that it has something for everyone and I still believe it to be one of Spielberg’s finest stories. A true classic. I’d recommend Bricktown Brewery’s Wiley’s One-Eyed Wheat. Good luck hunting it down.

Brigette: I couldn’t convince Morgan to watch this one. Luckily, it was Gable’s birthday film of choice. And Morgan enjoyed it, along with everyone else. I have seen this film many times and I never tire of it. It holds a special place in my heart.

Morgan: I thought that this film was going to be a stupid, boring, boy’s movie… But I was wrong. It ended up being an action-packed, adventure film with lots of gasps and laughs throughout. I have to admit that I even actually enjoyed it! Even if you’re a girl, I would suggest it to you especially if you like adventure, action and a bit of humor (even if some of it IS a little boyish).

Gable: I had been hanging out for this film for a really long time but Morgan had never wanted to watch it. Finally, we watched it for my birthday and I really liked it. It was intense and funny at the same time, although it still left a couple of questions unanswered for me. It was still a very good film and I suggest it to everyone over 8 years old (it may be too scary for younger kids), boy or girl.

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The Family Reviews Coraline

Coraline by Neil Gaiman


Pete: Being written as a book for children I thought this was going to be enjoyable and easy to read. Unfortunately it was only the latter. I’m not sure why but I found the supernatural side of it not as intense as I normally would. It was rather predictable and could have been more interesting or terrifying than it was. I’m yet to see the film but would like to and I also plan to hunt down Gaiman’s “The Sandman” graphic novel. I’d suggest anything from Cellar Rats Brewery with this one.

Brigette: I found this book overly simplistic and reminiscent of many other classic novels such as Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I saw the film adaptation a few years ago and much preferred it to the book. The creepy factor is found mostly in the illustrations in some editions.

Morgan: At first, I thought this book was just going to take a while to get into but in the end, it was a bit of a disappointment. It was too simplistically written to the point where it was predictable. I will admit that it WAS a little creepy and weird at the end but I was still unsatisfied.

Gable: I was expecting this book to be super creepy because I watched the trailer for the film adaptation of it when I was younger and that was so scary I could not bring myself to watch the film itself. Surprisingly, the book was actually quite lame. I guess it would be super freaky for toddlers, but also an easy read. I think I was just far too old for it and it so all the fun and excitement it would have in store for younger readers was gone for me. The last few chapters were quite scary and intense but not as much as I was expecting from it. I would now really like to watch the film and see how scary it was compared to the book.

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Gable Reviews Pippi Goes Abroad

Pippi Goes Aboard by Astrid Lindgren

pippi goes abroad

I thought the first book in this trilogy would be better than this second one but I was quickly proven wrong. Pippi was wittier and funnier in this book and the events had more feelings and emotions than the ones in the first installment. I would say you could just skip the first book and read this one, but that just wouldn’t be the same.

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